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Kebab Shop Manager

Kebab Shop Manager is a computer game made by Brother Bemps. You can download it for free from here.

In Kebab Shop Manager you play the part of a Greek bloke who has been entrusted with a sacred mission by the Guild of Kebabia - a clandestine organisation dating back to the days of ancient Greece. Not only must you deal with the day-to-day running of your baberies, you must also defeat the rival Turkish chain and expand your mighty empire over every borough of London. Only then will you gain access to the secrets of the Guild and discover the ancient origins of the kebab itself.

This strategical simulation features over ninety screens, ten mini-games and four alternative outcomes. As well as dealing with banal financial matters you will also be faced with a number of critical decisions such as how little to pay your staff, whether or not to buy rancid meat, which tasteless furnishings to buy and how best to induce psychosomatic cravings in the minds of your customers. You can also indulge in the age-old business practise of ‘drive-by stoning’ or simply go on a rampage with a carving knife and a bottle of particularly potent chilli sauce.



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