The Lovely Brothers
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"The most beautiful expression of freedom in the whole of Europe."
- A punk in Blackpool

"If Balaclava-wearing, impish, satire-wielding punk rock is your thing, then have a seat, stuff your face, then be scared, shocked, entertained and flummoxed with The Lovely Brothers. Part cabaret, part music hall, all punk rock."
- Brighton Zinefest

"I wouldn't play that shit at home, but I love watching it. It's the most startling thing I've seen in ten years. Admittedly, I haven't left the house in ten years."
- Someone called Andy at the Ropetackle Centre

"I found one of the things that had been lost while I was glued to the tube engine exhaust from the bus of the planets: fun. The Lovely Brothers is formed of a doll, a maiden, a crooner rundown, a Lord of plastic which feeds sucking its own navel and two terrorists transsexual. Musically there is an English word that they define: mayhem. Nothing I've seen or heard before, but all at once."
- Una Buena Barba magazine

"The town's leading ambassadors for all things whimsical and pointless."
- The Shoreham Herald

"Comedic and satirical lyricism combine with new wave baroque in a kind of punk cabaret revue, replete with bizarre costuming. It's all entertaining, tongue-in-cheek stuff."
- Source Magazine

"I want you to play at my wedding. No, I'm not engaged. I don't even have a boyfriend."
- Nic Willett

"The soundtrack for staring into the Eye of Horus, the Yawning Void, the Eye of Harmony, the Hellmouth - or whichever sci-fi reference point you would use to describe something that is both terrible and awe-inspiring."
- Paul (from Anal Beard)

"A troupe of masked and frenzied fools use their metaphorical whip of parody to deliver satirical melodic surrealism."
- Blyth Power

"Sharp and witty social commentary marinated in a lovably hilarious and eccentric rock-pop sauce. Their trademark is their unflinching satire and critique of everyday life in the UK. Their songs are like amusing essays on familiar subjects such as dodgy nightclubs, kebabs, bad town planning, Games Workshop and crap telly."
- The Blue Light District

"I started listening to the Games Workshop tune, what a brilliant song! I was pissing myself laughing. Superb lyrics, very very funny."
- Deano Trower

"A satirical pop outfit that has attained something of a cult status around these parts. I've only seen pictures, and I have to say, I find their costumes a bit scary. I'm assured that they are highly amusing, however."
- Three Weeks Magazine

"It's amazing that the joke hasn't worn thin by now. It should've done, but it hasn't!"
- Roger Johnson

"Pop punk satire-smiths"
- The Blue Light District

"OMFG the gig was AMAZING!!!!! holy shit i thought u guys would be good on stage but that was somthing elce lol ur like a differnt person on stage!! man u lot were made for performing - well anyway- got robbed after the gig and so i thought fuck it went after the dude and got my wallet back - he maaged to get away with 60 quid but i still got the barsterd! lol then got a load of weed in camdon which kinda fucked up cos i got a call just as we made the trade ad the bloke got freaked so put a gun to my head which was kinda fucked up ! lol"
- Will Jonkler

"The South Coast's finest cabaret punks descend on the Zine Fest! Expect costumes, rock opera, vaudeville and some of the finest toilet humour available!"
- Brighton Zinefest

"Your child is lovely, but your music is terrible."
- Pete Tapp

"Woolworths. It's your fault. If you hadn't written that song about them being merchants of mediocrity, everything would be fine. I'm just listening to your album and wanted to let you know. It's brilliant!"
- Angie Collins

"They sound just like the Paddingtons and all look like the Mighty Boosh. I'm joking - think Burlesque in Surbiton."
- prole-art-threat

"Then came The Lovely Brothers, who are certainly different, but don't really do it for me, jaded as I am. They write great lyrics about popular culture, modern life etc and are accomplished musicians and all. They do have quite a good look - two women in tatty old wedding dresses, the two guitarists in balaclavas, keyboard player in some weird mask with tubes hanging out of it and the lead singer swanning about in a dinner jacket. The girls adored them and rushed to the front, dancing like demons."
- AnnaNotBob

"I'm begging you to stop singing, it sounds terrible."
- Gail Porter

"The Lovely Brothers played and were FANTASTIC - they were HILARIOUS, also CHARMING, INVENTIVE and EXCITING and I loved every minute of their set. I want to see them AGAIN! After their massive show of brilliance ANY band would have looked rubbish, but the one after them needed no help."
- MJ Hibbett

"Get ready for a wild night of obcenities, cross-dressing and largely wacky and experimental music, a night fuelled by cultured surrealism which will open your mind. Expect manic chaos mixed with musical genius."
- Orange Street Music Club

"Their satire of everyday life is certainly very silly, but they're rather fine musicians, completely at home with traditional vaudeville, disco, playful piano balladry and glam rock-opera. The sea air at Shoreham must be inspirational."
- Opposition T

"I enjoyed this offering from Shoreham’s great disgruntled. Musically it was strong - a collection of satirical numbers delivered in a cabaret style with tongue and cheek enjoying their usual intimacy."

"Among the most interesting, if not the best, were The Lovely Brothers. A manic collective of bizarrely (and badly) dressed fools, what they lacked in subtlety they made up for in tuneful immaturity."
- The Argus

"The fucking Lovely Brothers. What a bunch of talentless pretentious cocksuckers."
- Someone called Karlos on some forum

"You are brilliant. One of the funniest albums I’ve heard for ages."
- Attila the Stockbroker

"Think satire, think melody and you’re on the right lines of what The Lovely Brothers are all about. Art rock at its rawest? Pantomime-pop? Cabaret-punk? Forget the labels and just enjoy the ride."
- Latest 7 Magazine

"They're puerile and dysfunctional, but subject to sporadic bursts of artistic genius to lift them above the norm - a sort of Bonzo Dog Band for the 21st Century."
- The Shoreham Herald

"The Lovely Brothers are anarcho-art buffoons who perform a beguiling mix of absurdist pop and comedy."
- Gscene Magazine

"The Lovely Brothers are ace! I haven't belly-laughed so much for ages! I'd say check them out asap. It feels great to tip an unsigned band who I don't actually know!"
- A random person from Drowned In Sound

"An evening of post-ironic neo-cabaret satire pop - performed by a dysfunctional family of badly-dressed surrealist politicos. Part punk, part music-hall, part annoying kid’s TV theme tune."
- Brighton Festival Fringe

"They're not brothers, though they are quite lovely... and this satirical pop outfit delivered a strong set."
- Three Weeks Magazine

"This is a soundcheck lads, not a fucking rehearsal!"
- The soundman at the Bull & Gate

"The Elixir Of Youth is the story of my 13th year. Barnstomer is the most disgusting stuff ever produced. It hasn’t been near an apple. It’s the product of a malevolent chemistry experiment. You can buy a gallon for about 9p."
- Attila the Stockbroker

"You're a bunch of scary nihilists."
- Luke Holmes

"Your CD Made me laugh out loud...Don't ever change. Wait for the world to find you, that's what I did. "
- Darren Hayman (from Hefner)

"A half hour of WIT, TUNES, BRAINS, LARFS, and general ACENESS. I tell you this, this band are PERFORMERS, I watched with GLEE, my BRANE a-tingle with JOY wandering what would come next."
- MJ Hibbett

“The Lovely Brothers were a terrifying force - a barely contained maelstrom of malevolence and disquiet. The most memorable moment of which was the violinist breaking her bow while caning the guitarist's backside (while he was doing press-ups). A highly entertaining and completely punk rock evening, in a sweaty corner of a reassuringly dank venue.”
- Paul Stapleton (from Anal Beard)

"Riotous Monty Python-esque musical distraction."
- Local Hero Records

"Joke songs by a joke band that can seriously play, who have forked tongues in their cheeks when they say they don't know why they only ever play village fetes."
- Source Magazine

"Somehow, in some distant lyrical universe, The Lovely Brothers came up with a surprisingly wry jocular look at the craft of songwriting, and managed to put it to a nonsensical fun kind of musical background . . . and they made it work!"
- Gods of Music

"The thing I like best about you guys is the way that you never get any better. You're like the Portsmouth Sinfonia - they chuck members out if they get too good."
- Frank Horsley (from the Shoreham Herald)

"I am worryingly interested in your upcoming release. I await it with an excitement which is frankly sexual."
- Luke Smith

"Do you know Bob Dylan? Your lyrics are even more cynical than his."
- Some bloke in the pub

"Balaclavas, boiler suits, berets - you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d walked into a variety show. Don’t worry you ain’t - The Lovely Brothers are five musicians with a satirical bent. Radical political ranting with a melodic backdrop, forget the straight play list, this lot have Arnie-vid-giveaways plus impromptu poetry readings, and sing-a-long choruses a la Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues. This is art rock at its rawest. Pantomime-pop meets cabaret-punk in a head on collision and the resulting explosion is simply plastic fantastic."
- Monica Perdoni (Latest 7 Magazine)

"Nice site... It's the first time I've laughed out loud at a website without vomiting afterwards."
- David Harris

"Their sound combines music hall piano and Bonzo Dog-style musicianship with lyrics about kebabs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cheap cider and the frustrations of small town life."
- The Argus

"I saw a band called the Lovely Brothers on Saturday who were basically the baroque Art Brut."
- Another random person from Drowned In Sound

"Next up was a bizarre band called The Lovely Brothers, consisting of a bow-tied and jacketed singer somewhere between a thin Richard Whitely and Dale Winton, three guys in outlandish, almost fetishist costumes, covering their heads with balaclavas or tights, and two women dressed up like they were from a Victorian melodrama, face paint and all. The set has me grinning the whole way through."
- I Shot The Deputy

"Unclassifiably hilarious Shoreham-based weirdness, a cross between Flanders & Swann and Half Man Half Biscuit!"
- Glastonwick Festival

"I love the website. You're band is so cool, so happening, so utterly pointless. I loved the shots on stage - it reminded me of school nativity plays when i was a kid. Got any Nietzschean lyrics? The outfits were defo of a Thus Spake Zarathusa ilk..."
- Bella/9

"The Lovely Brothers: Weirdo indie four piece....A cross between Belle & Sebastian and The Moldy Peaches."
- Lack of Communication

"You should have seen this lot! Performance art! Gods!"
- A bloke who looked like Brian Blessed

"Not everyone's cup of tea."
- Gigwise

“The act were a sextet called the Lovely Brothers, not really my cup of tea. I think they were trying to be too clever for their own good, and I'm not sure I totally understand the conceit of two of then wearing balaclavas, even if I weirdly found myself attracted to one of them who I think called himself Bemps, which is worrying that I found a man with an obscured face, tight-fitting polyester T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms with one leg rolled up fanciable. Should I be going out more?”
- Gareth Wyn

"I can’t believe you guys aren't signed... you’re such brilliant musicians!"
- A young gushing fan from Shoreham

"Musical comedy from Shoreham’s only (and therefore, finest) post-ironic pantomime-pop band. A band that combines savage cabaret-punk with the flamboyance of camp children’s entertainers. A band that jumps around a lot and wears silly costumes. Imagine an arbitrary point between Chris Morris and Morrissey. Next to Tom Lehrer, and underneath Half Man Half Biscuit. Where music-hall meets melodrama. Where the surreal meets the satirical - and stops to have a chat about overused descriptive tropes. That’s where they’re at. Expect to be aesthetically affronted."
- F Festival

"I bought your CD whilst in a suggestible state of mind. I woke up feeling date raped and wished I had been when I realised what had happened."
- Patrick Allan (from The Prick Jaggers)

"Your songs are like 'texts' aren't they? You're a cross between Madness and Bertold Brecht!"
- A bearded man from Canterbury

"Like a soundtrack to some bizarre Victorian musical."
- Zakia Uddin

"Your songs are basically lists of things aren't they?"
- Someone from the Komedia (explaining why they wouldn't give us a gig)

"You're the best thing I've heard since the Sixties!"
- Mervyn Wallace

"What did you do to them when they were young?"
- A concerned friend of our mother

"Vocalist, Scolar, appeared more than ever-so-slightly embarrassed to be associated with the other five, but lambasted American imperialism, the acting shortcomings of Arnie Schwarzenegger and the dangers of throwing up on kebabs and cheap cider with all the urbanity and charm of a 21st-century Al Bowlly."
- The Shoreham Herald

"I laughed so hard, piss actually came out of my cock."
- Luke Smith

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