The Lovely Brothers
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We have a SoundCloud page. Go there and become our follower.
We also have a Facebook page. Go there and disclose private data.
We have a YouTube channel too. Go there and marvel at our dance routines.
And I guess we still have a MySpace page. Go there and ponder the fickle fortunes of social networks.

Other Stuff We Do

Brother Bemps' blog featuring stuff about Arnold Schwarzenegger, a survey of kebab shop managers and lots of lists. Lists!
Zombies In Brighton
Brother Bemps' non-linear gore zine.
Vampires In Brighton
Brother Bemps' other non-linear gore zine.

Bands We Are Also In

Boy In The Cupboard
Wry indie folk.
Unicorn Power
Electro gadget-glam.
Jazz progfunk.
Raised On Replicas
Post-grunge riff-rock.
Anal Beard
Sarcastic face-melt punk.

Bands We Like

MC Fashion
Electrospam chav-oddity.
The Bobby McGees
Ukulele tweecore.
Folky indie punk.
Luke Smith
Homely piano pop.
MJ Hibbett
Acoustic geek anthems.
Shoreham Electronic Alliance
Riverside mashcore gabba.
Rachel Pantechnicon
Middle-aged cat poet.

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