"I don't trust the hover, I use tweezers"

Holiday Snaps!
We've just uploaded a big old bunch of photos from the last couple of shows. There's also some holiday snaps of our day trip to a kebab shop. Enjoy your eyes, slavish goblins.
18 May 2009 20:45

The Lovely Brothers on the BBC!
Well, not quite. But we were mentioned by the BBC in an article about cider. Admittedly it is quite a boring article (actually, it is little more than a reprinted press release), and the cider in question is not exactly cheap. But hey, as Clive used to say, any publicity is good publicity! We merited a mention for leaving graffiti in a pub toilet in London. You can read it here.
01 May 2009 10:22

Five-Star Review!
Whoah, we got reviewed recently in Brighton mag, Latest7. They gave us five stars, which was nice. One for each of us.
07 April 2009 08:59

Friday June 5th
Glastonwick Festival, Coombes Farm, Shoreham
Atilla The Stockbroker's Beer and Music festival

Thursday June 11th
Volks, Brighton
A benefit gig for SchNEWS and Radio 4A
With: Marlarky + Prehab

Friday July 17th
Komedia, Brighton
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